my art work was inspired by a group of artists called Pangeaseed who make artwork to raise awareness and protest against the rapidly decreasing number of ocean wildlife and pollution in the sea this piece of art work shows humans getting there arms cut off ad thrown into the sea alive this happens to sharks every day shark finners cut of there fin then cast them back into the sea bleeding and alive. I named this art shark shoes as humans are taking a turn in there shoes how would you like it. I constructed this art with a median of collage the boat is made out of collage and the sea is coloured with water colour paint.

Camp rotioti 2k16


This week I just got back from school camp at nelson lakes it was really fun here’s a photo of me on the day walk (I’m the one in the grey shirt behind the guy in the blue jersey.

My favourite part of camp was the flying kiwi. It was awesome getting picked up and soaring through the air then also lifting your teammates.



homework term 3 week 1

for this week in homework we have to choose an article from the news and give our opinion on both sides of the story. Here’s the article I chose and my opinion.

Brazil-ion military police kidnapped a  New Zealand Olympic athlete in Rio and demanded money from his bank account. The athlete paid and was let go unharmed and later the police men were caught and found guilty.

I think that i was wrong for the police to kidnap him he was innocent and they had no right to steal money from him and deserve a punishment for their actions. They did not only steal money from him but he was shaken and scared by their actions.

But I do think this reflects on how poverty stricken some Brazil citizens are. I think the goverment should spend more money on the people of Brazil not huge fancy football stadiums. The stadiums may make some profit but most of that profit won’t be spent on the people.

100 WC

I sat on the airplane and stared at my half eaten food, airplane food is gross.  I picked up a spoonful of rice covered in a yellow sauce then dropped it back on my plate choking on the smell. I cant believe this is all i get for a twelve hour flight. I Pinched my nose and shoved some rice down my throat. I couldn’t wait till the end of the flight, couldn’t wait for my first violin concert! I had played violin for five years now but improved so much I had swept from level one to playing internationally.

100 WC

100 word challenge

They all lined up on the muddy ground adrenaline flooded through their veins. They breathed in the cold morning air and twitched with anticipation.  They all stared at the hand holding the small orange whistle. The hand rose and they all  snapped their heads toward the track. A whistle blew and they all disappeared. Feet slapped across mud and hands pushed to get to the front, legs tripped and skidded. They entered the trees, leaped over roots and ducked under branches .They soon reached the final stretch and sprinted using all the energy they had left then finished.


100 wc

I could hear it getting nearer its claws clacked against the stone I kept close to my fire the only source of light. Only  a tiny flame still remained I could just see the cave entrance from here I stood up just as the flame flickered and went out. A clawed hand flew at my side blood trickled down my leg. I sprinted towards the cave opening a low growl echoed around the cave and then it jumped on my back my head hit the ground hard. Its mouth slashed a hole in my gut I clenched the bloody wound.

Goodbye blogging challenge

Goodbye student blogging challenge.

Over this term i have written ten posts 5 of them for the challenge 5 school based. I got eleven comments all from my classmates and my mum. My piece of writing about the climber received the most posts because i spent a lot of time making that post good. I enjoyed making my google maps post it was fun looking up all the buildings. I changed my blog theme twice because I found better themes than I had before. I added 6 widgets because I thought they brightened up my blog. I have no overseas students on my blogroll. The web tools i used were Bunny hero labs, Google maps, Prezi and Thinglink.

Blogging challenge

My future 

My future will come pretty soon because we all know by the age of 14 i’ll have invented a time machine i’ll be able to visit my future self and collect a teleportation device I will have made. When I show my inventions to the world I’ll assemble a team of high ranking scientists and create a company (Moore industries). with all the extra help an upgrade of my teleportation device will be manufactured. A teleportation device witch has a range of 100 light years.  with technology like that alien life will be found. A treaty  will be formed a permanent teleportation device will be made at each of our planets a pathway to go between both worlds. we could combine our technology to make a better world. By then i would be very old once i die I’ll go down in history and be remember’d for ever.